Mondays and Thursdays in August, Guests who have earned 50 points with their Players Club card qualify for hourly Hot Seat drawings from 5–9 p.m. Those selected will get the opportunity to spin the Game Wheel up to three (3) times and move their game piece (based on the spin result) along the Happy Trails game board. For the first and second spins, Guests have the option to keep the prize corresponding with the square on which they land and forfeit their remaining spins or refuse the prize and continue with their next spin(s).

Guests who land on ‘Chicken Ranch Casino’ automatically win $1,600 and are invited back August 31st for a chance to win a share of $20,000 cash. All returning Guest’s names will go into a drawing where five winners will be drawn at 8 p.m. Returning Guests need to check-in at Players Club by 7 p.m.


1st – $10,000
2nd – $5,000
3rd – $3,000
4th – $1,500
5th – 500

HAPPY TRAILS WHEEL (12 possibilities):

Move One SpaceGo BACK Two spaces
Move Two SpacesAdvance to Chicken Ranch Casino
Move Three SpacesMove to Cluck Yeah!
Move Four SpacesAdvance to Red Space
Move Five SpacesAdvance to Black Space
Go BACK One SpaceAdvance to Blue Space